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3 Ways COVID-19 is Changing Banking Forever

Your Financial Future is Safe with Liberty Bay.

We are all about Uncommon Courtesy here at Liberty Bay. As your trusted financial institution, it is important for us to keep your needs in mind as we grow and improve our services. Our current circumstances have made this more clear than ever: we need to adapt and better support your financial health and growth so that no matter what happens, your financial future is safe with us.

Digitizing the Banking Experience

While online and mobile banking options were becoming more common, the pandemic forced many organizations to accelerate this process or risk letting their customers and employees down. Liberty Bay was prepared with excellent digital banking services, but not every organization was so ready.

Taking the banking experience online is not just important right now; it opens the doors to many new and improved services for years to come. Consider how many people might be constantly traveling, immunocompromised, in a remote location, temporarily or permanently disabled… No matter who you are or what your circumstances are, LBCU wants to give our members the tools to manage their finances from anywhere in the world and empower everyone to improve their financial future. Learn more about how you can #StayHome with LBCU Remote Banking.

Creating Work from Home Opportunities for Employees

Protecting our community during the COVID-19 outbreak doesn’t just mean providing digital banking alternatives for our members. It also meant making sure members of the LBCU team are safe, healthy, and able to serve our community from a distance.

Liberty Bay took careful steps to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on our members and employees, while providing you with the level of service you deserve and respect. Enabling the LBCU team to use both online and in-person resources will help us as the world navigates the “new normal” after this pandemic. Stay updated on our service hours and coronavirus response.

Putting the Community First

Uncommon Courtesy has always been our mantra here at LBCU. The challenges that came with the coronavirus crisis affirmed our commitment to serve our members and ensure you have the right services and tools, with the best possible member experience every time. From establishing services to help members through COVID-19, to continuing to provide financial education resources, we want to help you improve your financial life, achieve your goals, and live with confidence and a smile.

Make sure to stay in touch with us as we continue to navigate through this situation together. If you have any questions specifically about your accounts, you can send us a secure message using Messenger in Online or Mobile Banking, or give us a call at (617) 439-6500.

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